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Paddle Pop Boats! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Make these amazing rubber-and powered Paddle Pop Boats!

Paddle Pop Bracelets! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Learn how to shape Paddle Pop sticks permanently, and decorate them into bracelets!

Incredible Illusions! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Make two incredible 3D illusions! Download the template files here: Illusion 1 and Illusion 2.

Magic Magnet Dioramas! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Defy gravity and make amazing dioramas with floating, moving elements – using the magic of magnets!

Make a Fidget Infinity Cube! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Learn how to make Fidget Infinity Cubes – large or small – from cardboard!

Paper Snowflakes! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Make festive paper snowflakes – a classic papercraft activity!

Festive Paper-Chain Elves! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Decorate your house with these cute and festive paper-chain elves!

Marshmallow Snowpeople! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Make the delicious marshmallow snowmen and snowwomen – perfect for edible festive decorations!

Vortex Cannon! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Create vortex cannons using old boxes to destroy targets using air power!

Zoetrope Cartoon Animator! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Bring your cartoons to life by building the 150 year old Zoetrope invention!

Chip Packet Key Rings! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Create these amazing shrunken chip packet key rings!

Build a Solar Turbine! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Build a Solar Turbine that turns light energy into heat energy to spin a rotor using the renewable energy power of convection!

Tin Can Telephones: Talk Like A Scientist #1 Vibration!

Learn about vibrations and sound waves as you build a Tin Can Telephone in this episode of our “Talk Like A Scientist” series of STEM video workshops you can do at home with items commonly found around the house, in your recycling, garden and pantry.

Paper Bangers! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Make these simple paper bangers with just one sheet of A4 paper. Use them to scare your friends and family!

Crayon Model Making! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Turn crayons into amazing models to give as gifts, display, play with – or just use to draw!

Whirly Birds! FAST School Holiday Workshops

Create these paper whirly birds that spin and glide slowly to the ground.

Make a Natural Bird Feeder! Veggie Patch Science #14

Go on a bush walk to collect natural items to build a bird feeder to hang in your garden!

Make a Solar Cooker! FAST School Holiday Workshops

Make a Solar Cooker from recycling and tinfoil to bake biscuits, cook rice – even a vegetable stew using nothing but the power of the sun!

Mini Holograms! FAST School Holiday Workshops

Make you own mini hologram using your mobile or tablet – download the template and the example holo-vid.

Make a Bee Billabong! Veggie Patch Science #13

Give your pollinating insects a helping hand by creating a safe place for them to sit and sip!

Make a Watering Can / Conserve Water! Veggie Patch Science #12

Learn how to conserve enough water for your garden every day – and make a watering can with upcycled bottles!

Make a Rain Gauge! Veggie Patch Science #7

After some slight head-scratching, we use observational science to work out whether your veggie patch needs watering with our simple DIY rain gauge – it’s no to BOM standards, but we tell you why it doesn’t need to be!

Make a Bean Pole Teepee! Veggie Patch Science Workshop #5

We plant our very first vegetable seedlings in the garden – climbing beans – and show you how to build a bean-pole teepee!

Make a Bird Nest Shop! Veggie Patch Science Workshop #4

Help the birds this spring by building a bird nest shop for your garden – our scarecrow may keep birds away from our seedlings but birds are very useful in the garden by eating insects that may damage our crop – so we don’t want to scare them away completely!

Build a Home Monorail FAST School Holiday Workshop

Make a network of monorail lines and trains – both gravity-powered and balloon-propelled – in your home or garden!

Make Hair Scrunchies! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Make your very own scrunchie to embellish your hairstyle or give to friends and family as gifts! Megan takes you through all the steps in this beginner sewing tutorial. Remember, many of our library branches have sewing machines available to use!

Build a Pool Noodle Albatross! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Make a pool noodle albatross to soar further and higher than a paper plane! Julian takes you through all the steps and heads down to the oval to try it out.

Make a Scarecrow! Veggie Patch Science Workshop #2

In the second of our Veggie Patch Science workshops we take a break from digging to show you how to make a scarecrow!

DIY Filter Coffee! Home Workshop

One for the adutlts – out camping or stuck in a very basic kitchen but want to brew some coffee? We’ll show you how to make it as good as with a plunger / coffee press but using just a keep-cup and some kitchen wipes!

DIY Smartphone Speaker Stand! Home Workshop

Make a speaker and stand for your smartphone with just a tube, some cups or bottles – and a pair of scissors. Jonathan takes you through all the steps – even the dance steps!

Rainbow Periscope! Home Workshop

Fill your world with rainbows with our periscope – all you need is a cardboard tube, 2 old CD/DVD discs, some tape – and a pair of scissors!