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Vortex Cannon! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Create vortex cannons using old boxes to destroy targets using air power!

Balloon Cars! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Build and race balloon-powered Lego cars, propelled with air power!

Build a Solar Turbine! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Build a Solar Turbine that turns light energy into heat energy to spin a rotor using the renewable energy power of convection!

Whirly Birds! FAST School Holiday Workshops

Create these paper whirly birds that spin and glide slowly to the ground.

Build a Home Monorail FAST School Holiday Workshop

Make a network of monorail lines and trains – both gravity-powered and balloon-propelled – in your home or garden!

Create Exploding Ninja Stars! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Be a real Australian Ninja Warrior and make exploding ninja stars to hit targets or film with your smartphone in slow motion! Julian takes you through all the steps – just don’t attack people or pets.

DIY Smartphone Speaker Stand! Home Workshop

Make a speaker and stand for your smartphone with just a tube, some cups or bottles – and a pair of scissors. Jonathan takes you through all the steps – even the dance steps!

Cardboard Construction Kit! Engineering Home Workshop

Make this practically free toy construction set to build anything you can imagine. All you need is unwanted cardboard and a pair of scissors!