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2 minute Cake! Cooking Home Workshop

Fancy some cake? You could be eating a great big mug of cake in 2 minutes if you stir quick enough! All you need is a microwave, a mug and a tablespoon – no other equipment! Find out how in our video.

CNRL Interactive Science Workshop – Fun With Bicarb

Join Amy and Julian as they have some fun with Bicarb Soda.

CNRL Interactive Science Workshop – Hi-Tech Claw

Join Julian as he creates a cardboard claw using pulleys.

CNRL Interactive Science Workshop – Colour Changing Milk

Join Amy as she uses milk and food colouring to create fun colours.

CNRL Interactive Science Workshop – Crafty Catapult

Join Julian as he creates a catapult from paddle pop sticks and rubber bands.

CNRL Interactive Science Workshop – Lava Lamp

Join Amy as she creates an awesome looking Lava Lamp

CNRL Interactive Science – Hanging Arch

Join Julian as he creates an ancient arch using a keystone.

Here is the template

Bricking It! Lego Challenge Home Workshop

We challenge you to add Lego to existing objects and keep them functional – or improve them! Post your amazing creations to our social media channels above or hashtag #innovationstew. Check out Jonathan’s working Lego Shower and working Lego DVD Remote!

Rainbow Chocolate Microwave Popcorn! Cooking Home Workshop

Make your own Microwave Popcorn with regular popcorn kernels in less time than it takes to microwave them!

Take your popcorn to the next level with our second recipe:
🌈🍫🍿 Rainbow Chocolate Microwave Popcorn 🌈🍫🍿

All you need is popcorn kernels, a bag , some oil – and either salt, sugar or chocolate!

CNRL Interactive Science Workshop – Chromatography

Join Amy as she separates the colours in texters using chromatography.

CNRL Interactive Science Workshop – Jumping Marbles

Join Julian as he creates a crazy roller with marbles that uses inertia.

Template: Jumping Marbles Template

CNRL Interactive Science Workshop – Escaping Water

Join Amy as she helps water escape a container using cohesion.

Dirtbags! Gardening Science Home Workshop

Create a self-watering micro-climate garden on your window sill and watch how plants grow both above and below the soil!

Micro:bit Tutorial 3 – Turtle Graphics

This Micro:bit Turtle Tutorial is by the CNRL Library Innovation Studio. The tutorial uses the Makecode website to program a virtual Micro:bit from within your browser. It can be found at https://makecode.microbit.org/

Slime! Messy Science Home Workshop

Learn how to make 100% edible (but disgusting) Oobleck Slime with just Corn Flour and Water (and if you don’t want white slime: Food Colouring). This non-newtonian fluid has to be poured, squished and toyed with to be believed!

Micro:bit Tutorial 2 – Decisions and Loops

In this tutorial you will work with a virtual micro:bit – code along free at makecode.microbit.org!

Micro:bit Tutorial 1 – The Screen

In this tutorial you will work with a virtual micro:bit – code along free at makecode.microbit.org!