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DIY Art Turntable! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Create amazing turntable art – we show you how to make your own Art Turntable with broken toys or cheap pans. We get very messy taking you through all the steps to the finished works of art!

Paddle Pop Boats! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Make these amazing rubber-and powered Paddle Pop Boats!

Portrait Pots! FAST School Holiday Workshop

No matter the weather, no matter the season – your plant pots can be sunny, vibrant and fun!

Crazy Chocolate Cake! FAST School Holiday Workshop

This easy delicious vegan chocolate cake needs no mixing bowl, no mixing spoon, no eggs, no milk, no butter! With no hard beating, blending or creaming it’s perfect for kids to make and bake.

Incredible Illusions! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Make two incredible 3D illusions! Download the template files here: Illusion 1 and Illusion 2.

Date Easter Eggs! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Have a healthier Easter by making these fun and tasty date Easter eggs.

Awesome Animal Art! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Learn how to draw snakes, lizards, owls and bring them to life in dazzling colour! If you just want to colour in you can download the templates. If you want to make your own watercolours watch that video workshop as well!

Best Ever Invisible Ink! FAST School Holiday Workshop

You won’t believe your eyes when you see our Hand Sanitizer Invisible Ink! We have tested all sorts of invisible inks and revealer solutions, but this is the absolute best high-contrast invisible ink we have ever seen – and you can make it at home with commonly found ingredients. The best bit: this invisible ink requires no heating, just mixing ingredients. Watch the video now to find out how to make the best ever invisible ink at home!

Homemade Watercolours! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Kelly and Ita show you how to make your own watercolour paint from ingredients found around the house, including some that create colour-changing chemical reactions!

Paper Snowflakes! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Make festive paper snowflakes – a classic papercraft activity!

Festive Paper-Chain Elves! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Decorate your house with these cute and festive paper-chain elves!

Marshmallow Snowpeople! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Make the delicious marshmallow snowmen and snowwomen – perfect for edible festive decorations!

Vortex Cannon! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Create vortex cannons using old boxes to destroy targets using air power!

Zucchini Pizzas! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Get busy in the kitchen creating these zucchini pizzas as a fun lunch activity.

Balloon Cars! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Build and race balloon-powered Lego cars, propelled with air power!

Tin Can Telephones: Talk Like A Scientist #1 Vibration!

Learn about vibrations and sound waves as you build a Tin Can Telephone in this episode of our “Talk Like A Scientist” series of STEM video workshops you can do at home with items commonly found around the house, in your recycling, garden and pantry.

Paper Bangers! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Make these simple paper bangers with just one sheet of A4 paper. Use them to scare your friends and family!

Whirly Birds! FAST School Holiday Workshops

Create these paper whirly birds that spin and glide slowly to the ground.

Pendulum Art! FAST School Holiday Workshops

Use gravity as your paintbrush to create beautiful pendulum art in your home – or in the garden!

Grow Sugar Crystals! FAST School Holiday Workshops

Grow sugar crystals in a jar on a string

Microwave French Toast! FAST School Holiday Workshops

Make truly delicious French Toast in under 2 minutes using the most amazing culinary invention since the toaster: the mighty microwave oven!

Harvesting Beans! Veggie Patch Science #19

Learn when and how to harvest your beans from the bean pole we built way back in episode five!

Make a Sundial! Veggie Patch Science #16

Make a colourful sundial that really works for your garden!

Make Fluffy Slime! FAST School Holiday Workshops

Create your own soft fluffy slime with Amy.

Chewy ANZAC Biscuits! FAST School Holiday Workshops

Make these moist and chewy ANZAC biscuits in the oven – or see our later video to cook them in a solar oven!

Rainbow Wizards Brew! FAST School Holiday Workshops

Stir up a magical bubbling volcanic brew with a bicarb-soda chemical reaction.

Mini Holograms! FAST School Holiday Workshops

Make you own mini hologram using your mobile or tablet – download the template and the example holo-vid.

Rainbow Oven Pancakes! FAST School Holiday Workshops

Make these dazzling rainbow pancakes in the oven, so you can all eat at once!

Make a Bee Billabong! Veggie Patch Science #13

Give your pollinating insects a helping hand by creating a safe place for them to sit and sip!

Plant Lomandra! NAIDOC Week 2020 – Veggie Patch Science #10

They say Lomandra thrives on neglect – but what does that really mean? Learn how to plant and nurture this native grass in this special NAIDOC Week 2020 gardening workshop.

Plant your Salads and Veggies! Veggie Patch Science #9

Plan where to put your plants so the right ones get of the plenty of sun or shade – and learn about Companion Planting, where some plants can protect others from pests or need to be kept apart as they compete for the same resources!

Grow long straight carrots and big round beetroots! Veggie Patch Science Workshop #6

Don’t end up with tiny and twisted dirt-clogged carrots, with a little bit of sand we show you how to grow these long and straight – and great big beetroot too!

Make a Bird Nest Shop! Veggie Patch Science Workshop #4

Help the birds this spring by building a bird nest shop for your garden – our scarecrow may keep birds away from our seedlings but birds are very useful in the garden by eating insects that may damage our crop – so we don’t want to scare them away completely!

Build a Home Monorail FAST School Holiday Workshop

Make a network of monorail lines and trains – both gravity-powered and balloon-propelled – in your home or garden!

Make Marbled Giftwrap! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Make marbled gift paper to add a special touch to your next present! Amy takes you through all the steps in this fun artistic activity.

Make a Water Tornado! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Make a tornado in a water bottle and check out the beautiful swirling glitter effect! Amy takes you through all the steps in this fun science activity.

Festy Fake Wounds! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Scare your friends with fake wounds in this fun art workshop!

Edible Garden! FAST School Holiday Workshops

Grow your own edible garden in this fun science workshop!

Celery Straws! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Discover how plants transport water and nutrients in this colourful science workshop!

Chocolate Crackles! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Make our classic chocolate crackles in this delicious cooking workshop!

Sherbet! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Make your own sherbet with this fun cooking workshop!

UFO Mini Pizzas! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Create edible UFOs (mini pizzas) with this fun cooking workshop!

Home-made Butter! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Make your own Butter using marbles in this fun cooking workshop!

Chocolate Bananas! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Create delicious chocolate-coated banana treats with this fun cooking workshop!

Rainbow Periscope! Home Workshop

Fill your world with rainbows with our periscope – all you need is a cardboard tube, 2 old CD/DVD discs, some tape – and a pair of scissors!

Cardboard Construction Kit! Engineering Home Workshop

Make this practically free toy construction set to build anything you can imagine. All you need is unwanted cardboard and a pair of scissors!

Gummi Gifts! Cooking Home Workshop

Make love hearts, dinosaurs – all sorts of shapes – with gummi bear lollies, scissors, baking paper and an oven. The perfect sweet gift for Mothers Day, Birthdays, Valentines Day – or any day!

2 minute Cake! Cooking Home Workshop

Fancy some cake? You could be eating a great big mug of cake in 2 minutes if you stir quick enough! All you need is a microwave, a mug and a tablespoon – no other equipment! Find out how in our video.

Bubble Snake! Messy Science Home Workshop

Why use a one-hole bubble wand when you could have a thousand-hole bubble snake? All you need is scissors, a sock, a bottle and an elastic band – then you can fill your garden, your bath, your world with bubbles! We’ll show you how to make bubble mixture too with just water and dishwashing liquid.

Bricking It! Lego Challenge Home Workshop

We challenge you to add Lego to existing objects and keep them functional – or improve them! Post your amazing creations to our social media channels above or hashtag #innovationstew. Check out Jonathan’s working Lego Shower and working Lego DVD Remote!

Dirtbags! Gardening Science Home Workshop

Create a self-watering micro-climate garden on your window sill and watch how plants grow both above and below the soil!

Oily Painting! Arty Science Home Workshop

Can the radiant beauty of Stained Glass be replicated with crayons texters and vegetable oil? Jonathan finds out!

Slime! Messy Science Home Workshop

Learn how to make 100% edible (but disgusting) Oobleck Slime with just Corn Flour and Water (and if you don’t want white slime: Food Colouring). This non-newtonian fluid has to be poured, squished and toyed with to be believed!