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DIY Art Turntable! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Create amazing turntable art – we show you how to make your own Art Turntable with broken toys or cheap pans. We get very messy taking you through all the steps to the finished works of art!

Portrait Pots! FAST School Holiday Workshop

No matter the weather, no matter the season – your plant pots can be sunny, vibrant and fun!

Paddle Pop Bracelets! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Learn how to shape Paddle Pop sticks permanently, and decorate them into bracelets!

Soda Bottle Rope Vase! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Create beautiful rope vases with just a soda bottle, scissors and cord – you can also make your own Yarn!

Incredible Illusions! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Make two incredible 3D illusions! Download the template files here: Illusion 1 and Illusion 2.

Retro String Art! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Learn how to create retro string art – a simple and fun way to make a masterpiece! Kelly and Ita take you through all the steps, and you can download and print our template to make it even easier.

Awesome Animal Art! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Learn how to draw snakes, lizards, owls and bring them to life in dazzling colour! If you just want to colour in you can download the templates. If you want to make your own watercolours watch that video workshop as well!

Best Ever Invisible Ink! FAST School Holiday Workshop

You won’t believe your eyes when you see our Hand Sanitizer Invisible Ink! We have tested all sorts of invisible inks and revealer solutions, but this is the absolute best high-contrast invisible ink we have ever seen – and you can make it at home with commonly found ingredients. The best bit: this invisible ink requires no heating, just mixing ingredients. Watch the video now to find out how to make the best ever invisible ink at home!

Magic Magnet Dioramas! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Defy gravity and make amazing dioramas with floating, moving elements – using the magic of magnets!

Slow Motion Videography! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Find out how to film in glorious slow motion with common smartphones and smart devices!

Homemade Watercolours! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Kelly and Ita show you how to make your own watercolour paint from ingredients found around the house, including some that create colour-changing chemical reactions!

Zoetrope Cartoon Animator! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Bring your cartoons to life by building the 150 year old Zoetrope invention!

Painting with Light: Howlaround Video Art! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Use the webpage or files below to start painting with light to create amazing video art using the “Howlaround” technique in our video workshop!

Try our Mirror Webcam page or download a ZIP of both the Standard and Mirror code.
Watch a 15 minute howlaround video from one of our workshops at the Innovation Studio!

Crayon Model Making! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Turn crayons into amazing models to give as gifts, display, play with – or just use to draw!

Pendulum Art! FAST School Holiday Workshops

Use gravity as your paintbrush to create beautiful pendulum art in your home – or in the garden!

Rainbow Wizards Brew! FAST School Holiday Workshops

Stir up a magical bubbling volcanic brew with a bicarb-soda chemical reaction.

Mini Holograms! FAST School Holiday Workshops

Make you own mini hologram using your mobile or tablet – download the template and the example holo-vid.

Make Marbled Giftwrap! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Make marbled gift paper to add a special touch to your next present! Amy takes you through all the steps in this fun artistic activity.

DIY Smartphone Speaker Stand! Home Workshop

Make a speaker and stand for your smartphone with just a tube, some cups or bottles – and a pair of scissors. Jonathan takes you through all the steps – even the dance steps!

Stop Motion Animation! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Make your own Stop Motion Animation in this fun art and technology workshop!

Bottle Xylophone! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Make a bottle xylophone with bottles, spoons, water – and either an ear for music or an app in this fun musical science workshop! If you want to use the app mentioned in this workshop, download it for Android or Apple devices. The app is advert-supported and may contain in-app purchases, so check with an adult first.

Festy Fake Wounds! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Scare your friends with fake wounds in this fun art workshop!

Fabulous Foil Art! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Create amazing shiny pictures and jewelry with this fun art workshop!

Rainbow Periscope! Home Workshop

Fill your world with rainbows with our periscope – all you need is a cardboard tube, 2 old CD/DVD discs, some tape – and a pair of scissors!

Bricking It! Lego Challenge Home Workshop

We challenge you to add Lego to existing objects and keep them functional – or improve them! Post your amazing creations to our social media channels above or hashtag #innovationstew. Check out Jonathan’s working Lego Shower and working Lego DVD Remote!

Oily Painting! Arty Science Home Workshop

Can the radiant beauty of Stained Glass be replicated with crayons texters and vegetable oil? Jonathan finds out!