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Paddle Pop Boats! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Make these amazing rubber-and powered Paddle Pop Boats!

Oil and Water Challenge: Talk Like A Scientist #2 Emulsion!

Learn about emulsion and emulsifiers as we challenge you to mix Oil and Water in this episode of “Talk Like A Scientist”.

Vortex Cannon! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Create vortex cannons using old boxes to destroy targets using air power!

Balloon Cars! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Build and race balloon-powered Lego cars, propelled with air power!

Tin Can Telephones: Talk Like A Scientist #1 Vibration!

Learn about vibrations and sound waves as you build a Tin Can Telephone in this episode of our “Talk Like A Scientist” series of STEM video workshops you can do at home with items commonly found around the house, in your recycling, garden and pantry.

Grow Sugar Crystals! FAST School Holiday Workshops

Grow sugar crystals in a jar on a string

Set up a Remote Camera! FAST School Holiday Workshops

Set up your own remote camera using an old Android phone and protect yourself from biscuit thieves!

Rainbow Wizards Brew! FAST School Holiday Workshops

Stir up a magical bubbling volcanic brew with a bicarb-soda chemical reaction.

Make a Water Tornado! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Make a tornado in a water bottle and check out the beautiful swirling glitter effect! Amy takes you through all the steps in this fun science activity.

Build a Pool Noodle Albatross! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Make a pool noodle albatross to soar further and higher than a paper plane! Julian takes you through all the steps and heads down to the oval to try it out.

Balloon Weather Station! FAST School Holiday Workshops

Make your own barometer to predict the rain and learn about air pressure in this fun science workshop!

Edible Garden! FAST School Holiday Workshops

Grow your own edible garden in this fun science workshop!

Celery Straws! FAST School Holiday Workshop

Discover how plants transport water and nutrients in this colourful science workshop!

CNRL Interactive Science Workshop – Fun With Bicarb

Join Amy and Julian as they have some fun with Bicarb Soda.

CNRL Interactive Science Workshop – Hi-Tech Claw

Join Julian as he creates a cardboard claw using pulleys.

CNRL Interactive Science Workshop – Colour Changing Milk

Join Amy as she uses milk and food colouring to create fun colours.

CNRL Interactive Science Workshop – Crafty Catapult

Join Julian as he creates a catapult from paddle pop sticks and rubber bands.

CNRL Interactive Science Workshop – Lava Lamp

Join Amy as she creates an awesome looking Lava Lamp

CNRL Interactive Science – Hanging Arch

Join Julian as he creates an ancient arch using a keystone.

Here is the template

CNRL Interactive Science Workshop – Chromatography

Join Amy as she separates the colours in texters using chromatography.

CNRL Interactive Science Workshop – Jumping Marbles

Join Julian as he creates a crazy roller with marbles that uses inertia.

Template: Jumping Marbles Template

CNRL Interactive Science Workshop – Escaping Water

Join Amy as she helps water escape a container using cohesion.