Cardboard Robot Theatre

Cardboard Robot Theatre

Anyone can be a part of Cardboard Robot Theatre – just turn up and take part when you can, as often as you want to! There are lots of things to do in Cardboard Robot Theatre – read on and see what takes your fancy :-)

Cardboard Robot Theatre is creating a small stage performance of “Robot Hood and his Merry Mechanics” starring cardboard robots designed, built and voiced by you!

We need people of all ages from 5 year olds to adults to come along and collaborate on:

  • Writing the stories – Robot Hood will be a number of linked short stories acted out!
  • Making up the songs – and playing the music!
  • Recording the voices – we will record all the voices and music and special effects well before the show, so you can be a part of the performance right now!
  • Design the characters – we will need to work out how our cardboard robot knights, soldiers, farmers, horses, outlaws and anything else in the stories we write will look, including Robot Hood himself!
  • Build the costumes – we already have some robots, but they need cardboard costumes to wear!
  • Build the robots – we will make robots out of cardboard gears and rubber-band engines, plus some electronic and plastic robotic parts and motors as well!
  • Program the robots – some of our robots will need coding to get them to move about on the stage, fire an arrow or stand and sing!
  • Draw and build the scenery – we need a forest and a castle at the very least!

When is the performance on?

The performance dates and locations will be announced once we feel “Robot Hood and his Merry Mechanics” is ready for an audience. Keep informed by following us on EventBrite, Facebook and our other social media accounts at the top of the page.

When are the workshops?

We have regular and irregular Cardboard Robot Theatre workshops, so that there is plenty of opportunity for everyone to take part.
Check out our Calendar (it’s run on EventBrite) or follow us on Facebook and other social media accounts at the top of the page – there will be sessions after school, at weekends, at Tamworth Library and at The Youthie!

How do I join?

Just come to one of our workshops and take part – you can come as often as you like or as infrequently as you like! Cardboard Robot Theatre is a collaborative effort, so no one person will be building one character or writing one story or drawing one scene – we will all work together!